Gum problems during pregnancy

Q: I’m pregnant, and lately my gums have been sore and I’ve been getting red little bumps on my gums. Can pregnancy cause gum problems?A: Your hormones cause a lot of changes to your body during pregnancy, and this can include gum problems. Many pregnant women develop redness, soreness and tenderness in their gums, and sometimes their gums bleed when they brush. The raised level of progesterone in a pregnant woman’s body can create something that we call pregnancy gingivitis, which is an extreme response to plaque. Pregnancy gingivitis is especially common during the second and third trimester, so be sure to schedule extra cleanings then.

During the second trimester women can also develop something that we call a pregnancy tumor, which is actually much less scary than it sounds. A pregnancy tumor is a benign overgrowth of the gums between the teeth, causing red, raw bumps that bleed easily. These bumps will usually go away by the time your baby is born, but if they interfere with eating or talking they need to be removed.

The gum soreness and bumps you’re experiencing are probably related to your pregnancy, but it’s important to get examined by a dentist so you can be sure.

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