LA Pediatric Dentistry: "What is a ‘baby root canal’"?

Q: A friend recently had to get a “baby root canal” for her daughter. What does that mean?

A: A “baby root canal” is another name for a procedure called a pulpotomy. Kids need pulpotomies when they get a cavity that extends to the pulp chamber (the center or the tooth which contains the nerves and blood vessels). First the dentist removes the pulp tissue in the crown part of the tooth, then medicine is placed to eliminate any remaining bacteria and keep the remaining nerve from causing trouble.
An adult root canal is very different, and requires going down the root of the tooth. A child’s pulpotomy isn’t as involved and takes much less time. This procedure is typically followed by placing a prefabricated crown on the tooth, which keeps bacteria from entering the tooth and infecting it again.

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