Los Angeles Dentist advice Toothpaste: What brand is best?

Q: What brand of toothpaste is the best?

A: The brand of toothpaste you choose to use isn’t as important as your brushing technique and the time you spend brushing your teeth. Most toothpastes are made of the same ingredients, usually containing about 75% water and humectant, 20% abrasive particles, and 5% other things like foaming agents, flavoring agents, and fluoride.

The brand of toothpaste might be a concern for people with allergies or sensitive teeth. Herbal toothpastes can be useful if you are allergic to mint of sodium laurel sulfate, which is commonly used as a foaming agent in toothpastes. Some toothpastes, like Sensodyne, have special ingredients to help decrease tooth sensitivity. Talk to your dentist about whether these brands are the right option for you.

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