Jennifer Aniston’s musical dentist

On Monday’s episode of The Daily Show, Jennifer Aniston told Jon Stewart that during dental treatments her dentist serenades her with his guitar.

The Friends star, who appears as a unscrupulous dentist in the upcoming dark comedy Horrible Bosses, said her “dentist plays the guitar … when I have the molds in my mouth.”

“He’s literally [playing his guitar,] I mean, it’s odd, but it’s the truth.”

“Why isn’t he doing dental work?” Stewart asked.

“Don’t ask,” Aniston joked. “It’s Hollywood! … I’m not kidding … and you can’t get out of the chair, so you’re stuck listening to it.”

But Aniston didn’t seem to mind her dentist’s performances too much. She said she’s been going to the same dentist for 15 years and he’s “really good.”

At our practice in Culver City we have various ways to keep our patients entertained during treatment, including an overhead monitor where they can watch videos… But we’ll leave the guitar at home for now!

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