Culver City Dentist offerring Air abrasion: An alternative to the drill

Q: I’ve heard about an alternative to the dental drill, something called air abrasion. What is it?

A: We use air abrasion at our office in Culver City, and it’s terrific for adult and child patients.

For decades many people have been anxious about going to the dentist, dreading the prospect of getting injections, hearing the sound of the drill on their teeth and then leaving the dental office feeling groggy and numb from anesthetic. Air abrasion changes all of that. Many dental procedures can now be performed quietly, without anesthetic and with minimal to no discomfort.

The air abrasion instrument has been compared to a tiny sandblaster, using compressed air to precisely direct a stream of sand-like particles at the patient’s tooth decay and wear it away while leaving the healthy portion of the tooth unharmed. Air abrasion is non-invasive and does not produce heat, vibration or friction. As a result there’s little need for anesthesia, and the patient can leave the office wide awake, without facial numbness or lingering pain. Not only does this make the dental experience easier for the patient, it also eliminates the cost of anesthetic and pain medications.

We would be glad to offer a tour of our office, so you can learn about air abrasion, meet Dr. Khadavi and her staff, and learn about what sets them apart from other Los Angeles dentists.

Dr. Natalie Khadavi sees children and adults in Culver City and serves the greater Los Angeles area. Visit our website or give us a call at (310) 482-3971 for more information about how we can provide you and your family with healthy smiles that last a lifetime.

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