Los Angeles Children’s dentistry topic: When are space maintainers used in children?

Space maintainers are used to hold the place of missing teeth in children. They are small metal rings that are custom-made for your child’s mouth. They help to prevent or minimize orthodontic problems in their permanent teeth like crowding or impacted teeth. They do this by preventing movement of the surrounding teeth into the empty space until the tooth which belongs in that space erupts. Some can be done the same day as the tooth is removed in the office. In some circumstances, an impression may be taken and the space maintainer will be made in the laboratory. This will involve a short second appointment to cement the space maintainer.

It is important to note that front teeth do not require space maintainers, although pedo partials (aka kiddie partials) can be made to replace missing teeth in the front for cosmetic issues.

We do space maintainers routinely in our office and will be happy to advise you on whether it is a necessary treatment for your child.

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