"Do children need to use a special toothbrush to keep their teeth healthy?"

Q: My child needs a new toothbrush, and I already have a few adult-size toothbrushes around the house. Can my child use an adult toothbrush?

A: A child needs to use a toothbrush that’s made just for kids. Children’s toothbrushes are designed to be the right size for a kid’s mouth. Larger toothbrushes are harder for children to maneuver in their mouths, so the child won’t be able to brush as well with one. Some brands of children’s toothbrushes feature helpful age guides on the package, so you can be sure you’re getting the right toothbrush for your child’s stage of development.

Children’s toothbrushes are colorful and often feature popular cartoon characters, so allowing your child to choose their own toothbrush at the store can help to make brushing more fun for them.

The American Dental Association recommends children to visit a dentist every 6 months beginning at their 1st birthday. Visit your local dentist for more information on how to keep your child’s teeth healthy.

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