Q: "What’s the deal with Kanye West’s diamond teeth?"

Q: What’s the deal with Kanye West’s diamond teeth?

A: Hip-hop star Kanye West recently appeared on the Ellen show, and he unveiled his new smile full of diamond teeth. You can see it in the clip above. Asked why he did it, West told Ellen, “I just thought that diamonds were cooler.”

Frankly, we have to wonder if West is telling the truth when he claims that he had his lower teeth extracted and replaced by diamonds. If this is true, it’s a very bad idea for many reasons. West could suffer from gum recession and infection, chipped teeth, shifted teeth, tooth decay and worn enamel, jaw stress and bad breath. What’s more, since West would be walking around with a fortune in precious stones in his mouth, he’d probably have to hire guards 24/7, just to watch his teeth!

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