"How do you know if a tooth is abscessed?"

Q: How do you know if a tooth is abscessed?
A: An abscessed tooth will usually hurt. A lot. You’ll probably be in constant and ever-increasing pain, so much that you’ll want to avoid chewing or even talking. You’ll also probably feel strong sensitivity to heat and/or cold. You may have swollen lymph nodes, dizziness and fever. Many people with a dental abscess have very foul breath. Mouthwash won’t get rid of it, and it can get so bad that sufferers can’t taste anything else and they lose their appetites. Another common symptom is a lump or bubble on the gums. This bubble will sometimes pop, filling the mouth with foul-tasting pus.

Note that the pain from an abscess will sometimes go away, but that doesn’t mean you can just forget about it. If an abscessed tooth stops hurting, that’s not a good thing. It could mean that the infection has killed the root of your tooth.

If you suspect you have an abscess, it’s essential that you get it looked at by a dentist right away. Visit our office in Los Angeles and we’ll be glad to give you an exam.

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