"I’ve heard about a gel that can heal cavities. What is it?"

Q: I’ve heard about a gel that can heal cavities. What is it?

A: As of this writing, there is no product like that on the market. But scientists in France are working on it. When Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone (MSH) is applied next to a cavity, it encourages the cells inside of the tooth to regenerate. That means that someday, your dentist may be able to heal your cavity instead of giving you a filling.

This is exciting news, but it doesn’t mean you can just stop brushing and flossing now! MSH is still going to have to go through years of clinical trials, and even if it passes them all, it will only be usable in a minority of cavities. And when and if it is finally available, it will only be able to treat cavities, not prevent them.

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