"Are dental grills bad for your teeth?"

Q: For a while I’ve been interested in getting some dental “bling” like a rapper. Are dental grills bad for your teeth?
A: There is some controversy about just how bad dental grills are for your teeth, but we can definitely say that you’re going to cause yourself a lot of trouble if don’t use your grill very carefully. Improperly used dental grills can lead to gum recession and infection, chipped teeth, shifted teeth, tooth decay and worn enamel, jaw stress and bad breath. Plaque can get trapped under the grill, staining your teeth. If the grill is made of non-precious metals, this can sometimes lead to dangerous allergic reactions.

Many people make their own grills using do-it-yourself kits, while others have casts of their teeth made by a jeweler. In some states casting teeth is considered dentistry, and jewelers who do it are breaking the law.

If you decide that you’re going to get a dental grill, discuss it with your dentist first. Don’t wear the grill for long, always remove it when you eat, brush or floss, and clean it thoroughly after every use. Never leave it in your mouth overnight.

Dr. Natalie Khadavi
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